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Incentives & Events

Jordan has become a truly (hot) incentive location these days. Why? Our fantastic choice of settings, top hotel properties, fabulous climate, and that whiff of exotic adventure, plus the rich La Beduina tours programs that deliver value for money. Whether your client wants to reward high-achievers with an exploration and relaxation vacation or continue grooming them with team building activities and fun competitors, La Beduina tours has all the resources at hand—including skilled facilitators to lead group sessions and professionals to guide more active explorations. 

At any location in Jordan, we can organize meals and outings with special effects for unique insights and experiences. Whether on the sidelines of a conference or combined with and incentive or group tour, La Beduina tours can creatively key special events to your clients’ particular interests and purposes, with the cost efficiencies only and experienced team can deliver. We guarantee that your incentive clients will be engaged, surprised, challenged and re-energized. Our specialists love setting the stage for a dramatic event, casting that magic spell that creates a lasting memory.

Where else could you end a conference with a sunset ride in the hills followed by a traditional steam bath, or a candle lit excursion to the rose-red city of Petra combined with dinner in the caves? You have your wishes, we have our Aladdin’s lamp!

Business & Luxury

La Beduina Tours is one of the leading DMC's in Jordan in Business & Luxury travel, we can make your dreams come true and we take it to the highest limit to exceed your expectations. Private jet handling, luxury yachting, 5 star camping, or any demand is professionally realizable.

Responsible / Sustainable Tourism
La Beduina is proud to be one of the few destination management companies in Jordan that also offers visitors the chance to connect with real people Jordanians living their traditions and aspirations, today. 

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