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At La Beduina Tours we have one aim: to give travellers the opportunity to experience a different way of life. Our small team of Bedouins is dedicated to helping visitors explore the life and ancient traditions of a bygone age, whilst we actively promote the sustainable development of local communities and responsible tourism. 

Who are the Bedouins? Originally from the south of Arabia, we are a nomadic people who immigrated to this land in search of water and agricultural opportunities more than 3000 years ago. Our culture is hallmarked by a rich history and joie de vivre, and is based on reverence for nature and an inherent understanding of how to make the best of the earth’s assets. 

Today, we are a people on a mission to preserve our past, while we adapt to the needs of 21st century society. By opening a window on the past, we are trying to create an oasis for your soul, and if we can make you laugh, smile and return home with Jordan in your hearts, not just your photo album, our mission will be accomplished. 

So what’s the secret? A return to the simple life, camping under the stars, cooking on an open fire and visiting spectacular archaeological sites that will be a source of reflection and restoration to your mind. You will sense it in the atmosphere: Edomites, Nabateans, Romans and Crusaders are a few of the peoples to have crossed this extraordinary landscape, leaving their historical footprints in the sands of time.

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