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With us, you will be riding real Arab horses - almost all mares of diverse origins - Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi. All our horses are generous and animated, all pleasant to ride despite (or perhaps indeed because of!) their strong constitution. The stamina and gaiety of Arab horses are well renowned - they love to race. Please note, these are not school horses, but working horses schooled by Arabs - light hand and leg sensitive.

Our horses are bred by Bedouins, bred to withstand the harsh conditions of Bedouin life and educated according to Bedu criteria, culture and customs. Their family lineage assures them the essential capabilities for desert life, not least of which is to be fast, very fast… Our horses are constantly trained, taking part in races and perfectly epitomising the mentality of the desert horse - a desert mentality we hope to share with you. Horses have long played an essential and honorable role in the life and times of our society and continue to do so to this day. If desired, Bedouin horse customs can be reenacted for your group - ambush techniques, real war time events to transport you back to a time when the freedom of the desert was limitless.

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