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Hours Riding Tours Guiding & Assistance

Professional Guide will join this trip, well-trained in horseback tours, knowledgeable of What clients seek for.

- The groups will be under the responsibility of a professional team.

- Routing and first aid under the responsibility of this team also.

- All the information concerning the riding day , will be given the evening before

- Assistance by 4*4 Cars , meeting at the strategically places only . for lunches, water, food for horses, luggage ec,

Services in general :- 

Guides , Cooks, Camping Equipment's, Cooking Equipment's, Meals , Transfers ,hotels , ec,,,, We guarantee the highest quality. 

Meals :

The above programs we offer on F/B basis, which means Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. all meals will be original Bedouin cuisine. We serve simple, healthy food and all meals are prepared fresh and cooked over an open fire. We also accommodate vegetarian meals. 

Breakfast  :

Arabic & Bedouin Breakfast includes:-

Tea, coffee, milk, Pita bread, orange Juice , jam, butter, cheese , eggs, yogurt, Labenah , Olive , cucumber, tomatoes and Hummus. 

Lunches  :

Boxed lunches and salads , are provided for riders – Salami, cheese, cucumbers. Tomatoes, oranges, cake, juice, bread, local salads, tea and coffee. 

Dinners :

Buffet dinner will be provided every day includes Salads Appetizer . or A typical Bedouin meal will be prepared. Eg. Magluba, chicken or lamb with rice, salads, soup or a B-B-Q dinner can be provided if the clients choose. A variety of seasonal fruits, water, tea and coffee. Every evening a different dinner will be provided. 

Desserts :

3 kind of seasonal fruits , oriental sweets , Tea and coffee . Beverage drinks .
Local water is used for drinking , cooking and washing . Mineral water , soft drinks , Beer and wine are available on the camp. 


We always use spectacular wilderness areas. We decide the exact location, depending on the weather and the season. We never stay at the same camp. we always change camps sites . We provide the following Camping Equipment's :-

1 . Tents Large Enough . 2 persons .

2 . Mttresses.

3 . Carpets.

4 . Candle light.

5 . Firewood.

6 . All cooking supplies.

7 . Washing Facilities.

8 . Sleeping Bags 

Our Service Are Includes The Following  :

1 . Meet and assist and transfer upon arrival and departure

2 . 4WD escort for supplies and or emergencies.

3 . Guiding According to Nationality throughout.

4 . Horse-riding throughout, one horse per person.

5 . All cooking and camping equipment..

6 . F/B basis upon arrival and departure except Lunch day 9..

7 . Entrance fees .

8 . Transportation in A/C buses.

9 . Accommodation in :- 3,4 or 5 Stars hotel. 


Personal expanses , Tips , Beverage Drinks. 


Our Horse riding program built for clients to see a variety of Jordan sights; an escape from the modern life to the wilderness of the Arabian Desert. The wake-up call will be the melodic song of the horses ready to depart for a day of adventure. Clients will be awed by the sights and sounds of the entire tour throughout Jordan. 
Our Horse riding program is focused on more exiting, cultural and challenging views , from our experience as a horse riders we created a new and unique programs riding includes lots of sight-seeing, off the beaten track, viewing , natural , archeological , ecological sites , riding through canyons , sand dunes , stopping to visit Bedouin tribes , climbing and trekking some times ,,,, . Our programs is challenging and focuses on cultural sites and events .guests will have to partake in all activities from cooking , collecting firewood ,feeding their horses and look after them, clean-up , transporting luggage and supplies ,ets. 
More highlights of our tours , to experience the life of the desert , to view cultural and natural resources , and above all to learn something new. 
We choose the most beautiful & charming areas of Jordan especially Wadi Rum, non-touristic sites. There will be constant briefings throughout the ride by the guide as well as stops for tea and water and to give riders a short break from time to time. 

What is Wadi Rum:  

To the Arabs Wadi Rum is known simply as The Valley of The Moon. to travelers who have roamed its vast landscape, Wadi Rum seems more akin to the surface of a distant planet than to anything on earth. the combination of its immensity, color and awe-inspiring shapes creates an atmosphere that is almost supernatural. Lawrence of Arabia who held Wadi Rum in high esteem, wrote: " Our little caravan grew quite self conscious, and fell dead quiet, afraid and ashamed to flaunt its smallness in the presence of the stupendous hills ----Landscapes in childhood's dreams were so vast and silent." (T. E. Lawrence: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom). Wadi Rum's immensity is hard to leave. The longer you spend there the more you become attached to it--- and the more you long for it when you are gone. The Valley of the Moon makes man tremble at the power and majesty of nature.

Suggested equipment and clothes for riders (to be provided by riders) :

1 . Head protection from the sun.

2 . T-shirt, sweatshirt and pullover.

3 . Sunglasses (U-V protective).

4 . Fleece or light windproof jacket.

5 . Riding trousers, strong but light.

6 . Sandals for camp.

7 . Short riding boots and chaps. 

Suggested supplies for riders (to be provided by riders)  :

1 . Strong bag.

2 . Water bottle 2 liters recommended.

3 . Torch (flashlight).

4 .  Knife.

5 . Helmet (highly recommended). 

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