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 The Horses.

1. All horses are female Arabian .

2. Well trained and familiar with the desert.

3. All horses are in good bodily condition, without prominent ribcage or spine  

4. All Horses are sound and fit for the work expected of them

5. All horses are recently shod, with no risen clenches or loose shoes .

 6. All horses are clean and tidy

 7. All horses are easy to ride and handle 

The Overall Conditions and appearance of the horses will reflect the care of La beduian Tours as we are the Owners through the assistance of the Brooke hospital for animal and every endeavor will be made by the riders on the ride to ensure that the horses return in equally good condition. 

The Saddles:

1. Traditional , English or Pakistani style . Mainly clients prefer traditional Style.

2. Well fitting and have sufficient padding underneath to prevent pinching or saddles sores .

3. All saddles have girths ( of correct length and good condition in order to avoid girth galls or breakage .

4. Traditional style saddles have thick blanket on top to aid rider comfort.

5. Stirrup leathers always in good conditions, with safe stitching to ovoid breakage. 

The Bridles. 

1. English type snaffles, or correct size for each horse and with rough edges.

2. Padded Chain nosebands .

3. Leather Bridles or traditional style materials properly fitted .

4. Reins may be leather or traditional rope variety

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