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What will you gain from your trip with La Beduian

Responsible Tourism What will you gain from your trip with La Beduian

As well as the knowledge that your holiday time is benefiting the local communities, we can of course promise you a whole world of excitement and new experiences. You will really be getting off the beaten track and plunging into the red and gold-hued desert heart of a country steeped in history and myth. There can be no better escape from the frantic pace of modern life than to stride out into the peace, silence and endless horizons of the Arabian desert – where ancient traders followed the spice and silk routes and where Lawrence of Arabia lost his heart and inspired countless legends. You well be accompanied by a local guides who will be able to give those who desire it more detailed information about the history, geology, politics and traditions of the area and we will be sure to include some of the historical high-lights of the country on our tour – not least of which a trip to the ancient city of Petra. 

The aim will be physical but also mental, as we invite you to get behind the stereotypes and misconceptions about the Arab way of life. You will learn first hand about the Bedouin customs, education, religion, tribal law and customs. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to experience a traditional wedding ceremony with all it’s rough splendour, or be served the delicious, bitter, cardamom flavoured Bedouin coffee straight from the hand of a tribal Sheikh. 

Participants will be expected to take an active part in our trip . for the women participants there will also be a chance to peek behind the veil of the Bedouin woman and learn more about the often misunderstood role these fiercely independent, strong matriarchs play in their communities. In short, this is a unique opportunity to be a real part of the Bedouin life, to share the hopes and dreams of one of the few peoples in the world who appear untouched by modern life. 

Gathered around the camp fire at night, or gazing up at the endless stars of a perfect desert night you may even discover what you can learn from the unchanging wisdom and serenity of the desert peoples.

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