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Who are the Bedouin ?

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The word Bedu comes from the Arabic, Badawi, meaning a dweller of the desert. As a people, they have learned to endure the harsh conditions of the desert and survive its unforgiving climate. Knowing that the desert is no place for fools, the Bedouin treat it with due respect, and are one of the few societies left in this world who live in great harmony with their natural surroundings. The Bedouins’ have a reputation for understanding the animals that they care for, living as they do in symbiosis with their goats, camels or beautiful horses. This understanding is based on the simple fact of mutual dependence, without which no living soul would survive in the desert. 

Mutual dependence and teamwork is also at the essence of Bedouin family life. Each family has its own tent, known as hayy and a group of these constitutes a qawn, or clan. A number of these clans make up a qabilah, or tribe. People living in the same clan are considered to be of the same blood, and there are no lengths to which a man will not go to safeguard his kinsfolk. Although a peace-loving people, the Bedouin are fearless, and will engage in a blood-feud if necessary. A strong sense of honour and pride is also seen in Bedouin hospitality, extended to acquaintance and strangers alike, even if the act of giving leaves the Bedouin in need. Such a hospitable soul and spirit is encapsulated in the word asabiyah, a word that carries the sense of unwavering allegiance to a community, a community that is the Bedouin.
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